SII Printek launches continuous flow printhead

SII Printek has been making ink jet printheads using the shared wall architecture for many years. More recently they have adapted these designs to use every other channel, so-called isolated channel technology.  This enables a large increase in drop frequency, for instance 35 kHz, and also aqueous-based inks, although the number of useable channels is halved.  It also led to being able to produce 3 different drop sizes per nozzle, giving a greyscale capability.  Although less well known than other ink jet printhead vendors, SII Printek has a broad customer base.

Isolated channels – many benefits

The latest development announced at the IMI 22nd Ink Jet Conference, Arizona February 1st 2013 is continuous circulation technology.  This is implemented in conjunction with the isolated channel technology.  Like other vendor’s printheads using continuous flow through the actuator chambers, the priming is fast, fresh ink is always passing the nozzles, and the temperature of the printhead becomes much more uniform, leading to increased stability.

SII Printek 512 JetFlow printhead

SII Printek ‘s product announcement is the 512 JetFlow printhead with 512 nozzles in 2 rows, a native resolution of 180 dpi, drop volumes variable between 20-150 pl, and drop frequencies in excess of 36 kHz.  Oil, solvent aqueous and UV inks can be used.  The new head is targeted at ceramic tile and textile printing, and digital fabrication.

This was one of the many new introductions at the IMI 22nd Ink Jet Conference, proceedings are available at