Tablet and printer – a happy marriage?

In a burst of excitement this week HP launched a range of new products, including the Photosmart eStation.  This is seen as a way to get products into the living room, a wireless all-in-one which looks sexy.  Well, I’m afraid glossy black is so 2008 in the UK.  When the first all-in-ones appeared they looked like scanners stuck on top of printers.  This one does too, with a tablet sitting on a shelf at the front as well.

Yes, very convenient if you want to quickly find something on the internet and then print it out.  Maybe I’m missing something here.  But what if you have kids in the house – how are you going to find the tablet?  Ever known a kid to return something to its ‘home’ when they finished using it?  Before you can copy something have you got to hunt down the tablet, as that acts as the control panel too.

It’s also meant to allow you to lay on your couch, browse the internet, and send things to print.  But everyone knows that when you send something to print the printer beeps to tell you it has run out of paper or ink, so you have to get up and go over to it.

So, is the Willis household likely to buy one? Well, I can see it could be useful, although it isn’t cheap.  But the answer is no.  The marriage that concerns me is not that of tablet and printer, but mine to my wife.  I can’t see the boss agreeing to this big glossy black box in the living room.  Sorry HP!