Ink jet make-up applicator

WO 2015/097618 A2
Transfer makeup process and related device

This patent application describes a process that L’Oreal have used to demonstrate transfer printing of makeup onto a human body. If a transfer process is used for makeup then it is desirable that the materials are still moist at the time of transfer and shortly after, so that the transfer process is successful and that any retouching or blending can take place after transfer.

Jul-15aA Canon Pixma IP100 printer was modified so that instead of feeding paper the mechanism would rotate a transfer roller. Inks were prepared according to the table below.

The transfer roller had a diameter 60 mm and length of 80 mm with a blanket surface 2 mm thick, made from a silicone gel elastomer.

Jul-15bAfter printing the transfer roller 1 is rolled along the appropriate body part transferring the makeup or image. A variety of different profile rollers are proposed, flat for backs and other body areas, and concave for arms and legs. For smaller parts of the body such as lips and eyelids then pads using the transfer material would be used.