Decorating on coffee

US 2015/0251470 A1
Method and apparatus for applying designs on the surface of a beverage
Steam CC Ltd.

This patent application from an Israeli company is a machine for printing onto frothed milk on the top surface of premium coffees, such as café au lait, cappuccino, latte or the like. It is already carried out manually, by pouring coffee solution onto the frothed milk in a pattern, pouring frothed milk on the coffee while moving it, or by using a utensil dipped in coffee to trace a design.

Sept-15The printer consists of an ink jet printhead on an X-Y gantry so that the printhead can be moved across the top of the coffee cup 9 in both axes. The cup isn’t moved so as not to disturb the foamed milk and hence the image being printed. The only adjustment involving the cup is the height and hence spacing between the foamed milk surface and the printhead, adjusted by table 8.

The “ink” printed is a coffee solution. The system enables much more elaborate designs to be printed compared to manual methods, plus repeatability.